Another can directly from the ParrotCan studio. Esdeto’s can features uniquely processed sounds, from rough basses to nice lush pads. Most of the sounds are processed with boutique outboard gear, from harsh overdrive to silky analogue EQs, and run through a 32-channel classic console to add even more color.

$19 / £19 / 19€


  • 17 playable sounds
  • 4 drum kits



  • Ableton LIVE (1.3 GB)
  • Apple Logic X** (1.4 GB)
  • Bitwig Studio (1.2 GB)
  • NI Kontakt** (full version) (1.4 GB)
  • NI Maschine* & Battery* (55 MB)

(* drum kits only)

(** direct access to sample audio files)

No other sounds were used for this demo!


Starting as a drummer, Esdeto made his first step into music at an early age. Soon he would trade his drum set for 2 1210s and start his own d’n’b radio show “Short Cut” at the age of 15, playing with titans like Bassface Sascha and Kabuki.
When d’n’b became mostly uniform his focus turned to anything related to broken beats. The switch from playing music to producing music resulted in a high level of audio tech nerdism.
The following 10 years he would record, mix, master and produce. He then had a chance to make yet another change and entered the MI industry, working for Companies like TC Electronic, Native instruments and Bitwig.


What inspires you?
Most often non electronic music. I like to watch musicians play their instruments and closely obtain how they shape their sound.

Which colours can describe your sonic aesthetics?
Gray, I’d say with the idea of Yin and Yang.  Usually I think more in materials and emotions when it comes to sound. Warm metals, like for instance copper is one which comes to mind thinking about my sound.

Are you a day or a night person?
When it comes to being creative, definitely a night person. I guess it also relates to having no distractions at night and focussing on just one single thing.

What is your most favorite work/musical object and  why?
Zaquencer: So often I don’t have a clear melody in my head and need something to get started. The Zaquencer is my weapon of choice here. It is a great sequencer and very often also provides some happy accidents. And I love the fact that it gives purpose to a not so useful old MIDI box.
Zoom H4: A wonderful little multi purpose box. While I never really do any field recordings, it is great for a quick mic or line recording or serves as a usb audio interface.

Do you read manuals?
20 years ago I went on vacation with “Das große Logic Audio Handbuch”, an A4 – 600 hundred pager and I read the whole thing in a few days;). Since then the amount of time spent on manuals is gradually decreasing…

System requirements

  • Kontakt v5
  • Ableton Live v10
  • Logic X v10
  • Bitwig Studio v3
  • Maschine v2
  • Battery v4