Theatre of Delays’ CAN


Dark ambient downtempo electronica experimental soundtrack Berlin – tags of the album “Day One”.

All sounds of this CAN can be heard on this album.

$19 / £19 / 19€


  • 20 playable sounds
  • 3 drum kits



  • Ableton LIVE (2.7 GB)
  • Apple Logic X** (2.8 GB)
  • Bitwig Studio (2.4 GB)
  • NI Kontakt** (full version) (2.8 GB)
  • NI Maschine* & Battery* (36 MB)

(* drum kits only)

(** direct access to sample audio files)

No other sounds were used for this demo!


Theatre of Delays designs music, art and apps, started 2011 and became very successful by releasing a mixture of original productions and remixes. Remixing artists like The XX, Boys Noize, Daft Punk and Red Hot Chili Peppers made T.O.D. come around the blogging scene and online magazines. Original productions “Shine” & “Black Ballet” reached N°1 in the Hypem Charts three times within one year. Official remixes and releases on Gomma, Recordmakers, Bad Panda and Night Noise cleared the way for expanding its musical palette towards ambient and experimental EPs and albums.
His creation “SKIIID” is a unique and versatile drum synthesizer.


Theatre of Delays – how is it done?
Me with a bunch of analog synths, guitar/bass and every object that can produce sound in my Flat.

Do one or more sounds of your package root from a piece of music that you have released or you will release in the future?
All the synth-sounds are part of my album “Day One”. The album is very much inspired by Trent Reznor and Atticus Russ’s Soundtrack for “The Vietnam War” – Documentary and me playing too much Survival/Apocalyptic Games during the process.

Can you name/explain two challenges while composing/ recording/ arranging/ finishing music?
To forget everything i know so i won’t create the same thing again. To not forget everything i know so i am still able to make music.

Do you have a question to address to us?
Why parrots?

Our answer: “Parrots have an extraordinary talent of recreating sounds. We’re aiming exactly at that attribute during the CAN production. We want everybody to be able to walk in your (Theatre of Delays’) sonic shoes.”

    System requirements

    • Kontakt v5
    • Ableton Live v10
    • Logic X v10
    • Bitwig Studio v3
    • Maschine v2
    • Battery v4