what the can?!

Our Cans are Sample Packs which give you the production ready sounds of an artist.

ParrotCan provides sample packs from artists which contain the particular sounds of their releases, their taste or their craft.

We capture the sounds we hear in music – not the sound you can hear from a synthesizer or an instrument.

INSTANT SOUND inside the tools of your choice 

After downloading your CANs you can immediately use the sounds in your favourite environment.

Our Cans will perfectly integrate in Ableton Live, Apple LogicX, Kontakt and Bitwig.

You can use NI’s Battery or Maschine for your drums as well.

Focus on the source of sounds

A lot of the current presets for both, hardware and software include heavy processing, not only for the typical insert effects but also for reverbs, delays, choruses and other spatial effects.

Usually they won’t fit in your mix, but sound amazing in “solo”.

We believe in strong source material and source material only.

ParrotCan sounds are processed and flavoured with vintage and modern mojo while we record and process the audio.

Bring your own reverbs and send effects!


We have decades of experience in designing and shaping sound and we want to share our approach to audio with you.

We think there is a gap between honesty and shiny presets and we founded ParrotCan to fill that gap.

We focus on keeping the original vibe while applying modern and vintage analogue pre-processing during the customization of the sound sources.

We are not looking to recreate a preset or synth, as we believe there are more than enough of those already.

ParrotCan sound will instantly fit your mix so you can focus on being creative.


Most producers shape their sounds by applying unique chains of effects. This can be tape machines, preamps, compressors and countless other hi-fi and lo-fi components – no matter whether it’s latest rocket science or vintage gear.

We identify, capture and translate these unique differences and provide sounds that let you sonically experience the taste & aesthetics of an artist.


No animals haRMed!