TheFranks’ CAN


This one comes directly from ParrotCan’s laboratory. TheFranks’ shares his favourite sounds from former and upcoming releases. He recorded his most beloved custom sounds mostly from outboard but also designed his own virtual machines and applied his mastering and sound design magic to them. The Parrots had fun transforming these into this CAN.

$19 / £19 / 19€


  • 19 playable sounds
  • 4 drum kits



  • Ableton LIVE (1.3 GB)
  • Apple Logic X** (1.4 GB)
  • Bitwig Studio (1.1 GB)
  • NI Kontakt** (full version) (1.4 GB)
  • NI Maschine* & Battery* (32 MB)

(* drum kits only)

(** direct access to sample audio files)

No other sounds were used for this demo!


TheFranks is a long time sound designer and mastering engineer. He founded and still runs a music label called “elsewhere music”. It all started in the late 90ies with vinyl and drum’n’bass.. evolved into DJing evolved into producing music and playing live evolved into working full time as a sound designer and audio engineer. Music, sound design, postproduction, mastering – on tour with 30 seconds to mars and producing for Chicks on Speed – remixed by Skinnerbox, Sei A or Dapayk – collaborations with Cursor Miner, elle p. – he’s not complaining about boredom for sure! He had been resident DJ at several clubs and toured throughout Europe – since multi tasking abilities are driven to the max, his stage appearances are rare nowadays and serve as a stage for a unique representation of elsewhere’s musical horizon blended in with live elements and effects.


Do one or more sounds / instruments of your package root from a piece of music that you have released or you will release in the future?
Some sounds originate from the vermona perfourmer which I got some years ago and immediately fell in love with it. The perfourmer can be found in every release I had since then. „Entremedio“ was a vinyl release featuring the perfourmer, my modular case and some drums you will also find in my ParrotCan. One of the drum kits comes from a remix for Uricane’s tape release “FO:SU” – I made use of these sounds in my demo track for this sample pack as well.

What inspires you?
Weather, movies, conversations and of course trying out new devices.
Many tracks I recorded rooted from the exploration of new gear.

What kind of weather describes you best?
April (Focus on diversity!)

Are you a day or a night person?
Basically I am a night person but I can survive as a daywalker as well.

Do you have basic workflow when composing/ recording music?
Sometimes yes – sometimes not. Depends on whether I have some specific ideas I want to capture. Mostly I am recording several live takes of synths/drum machines and edit them later. I mostly work with audio recorded from my instruments. But coming back to the question: Seemingly I don’t have a repetitive workflow although I often use DAW templates enabling less thinking while composing.

Do you read manuals?
This is an old habit – when I started producing I worked ITB mostly and I was interested in how plugins work, so I printed most of the manuals and while others read novels, I was reading manuals. That helped me a lot to understand the way plugins and software work. So: Yes, I read the fucking manual. Sometimes it is a great starting point to go without the manual but eventually I will take a look for specific information. 

Do you have a question to address to us?
Do you have a parrot? If so, how many sounds can it reproduce?
“We don’t have parrots, we ARE the parrots;)”

System requirements

  • Kontakt v5
  • Ableton Live v10
  • Logic X v10
  • Bitwig Studio v3
  • Maschine v2
  • Battery v4