Nerk’s CAN strongly relates to his musical taste and history. You may hear these instruments on upcoming releases of Nerk. The Parrots are dancing along. The instruments he recorded for the ParrotCan are quite musical – come on and play along.

$19 / £19 / 19€


  • 19 playable sounds
  • 5 drum kits



  • Ableton LIVE (0.5 GB)
  • Apple Logic X** (0.5 GB)
  • Bitwig Studio (0.5 GB)
  • NI Kontakt** (full version) (0.5 GB)
  • NI Maschine* & Battery* (15 MB)

(* drum kits only)

(** direct access to sample audio files)

No other sounds were used for this demo!


Nerk, aka Benjamin Weiss, is a techno veteran, a founding member of the legendary Berlin rave act Toktok and part of Toktok vs. Soffy O.

His recording and remix history includes releases on Kompakt, Klang, BPitch Control, MBF, Toktok Records ,DJUngle Fever, Snork, and V-Records, and collaborations with Bizz OD, Dirk Leyers, Peter Kirn and DJ Rush.

Years of writing about music technology in outlets like Frontpage, Keyboards and the co-founded De:Bug magazine have led him to work with Jomox (X-Base 09 Toktok special edition), Native Instruments (UX Design for Maschine +) and as a co-creator of iPad sequencer Modstep. He is currrently working for Ableton.


Why do the aliens not interfere and help us / the planet?
They love entertainment and they don’t rely on anything we rely on except for carbon dioxide which we continue to produce en masse – so no problems from their side.

Do one or more sounds / instruments of your package root from a piece of music that you have released or you will release in the future?
Not yet, but i heavily tested them for being usable in a variety of styles I haven’t touched so far – so be prepared for anything!

What inspires you?
Food, weather, sounds, cats.

Are you a day or a night person?
Definitely a night person – any activity earlier than 10 in the morning is basically auto-piloted by my spinal cord.

Can you name / explain two challenges while composing / recording / arranging / finishing music?
Biggest challenge with all of these: the open-endedness of digital production – when is a track finished? Pretty much all aspects can be altered at any point in time, but you have to find the right one – sometimes a recording with a shitty mic is simply the best and good musical ideas very often have a radical momentariness. Constraints are enabling when it comes to creativity which sounds so obvious, but took me a long time to really wrap my head around..

System requirements

  • Kontakt v5
  • Ableton Live v10
  • Logic X v10
  • Bitwig Studio v3
  • Maschine v2
  • Battery v4